Rainbow Death Ray

by Rainbow Death Ray

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Morts A fusion of pop/rock, electro-industrial and crunchy metal guitars that you can dance to as well as being good listening! These girls create something genuinely fantastic out of that melange of styles rather than something intriguing that ultimately fails like so many who attempt multi-genre music. Rockin' and poppin' stuff! Favorite track: Storm.
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Welcome to Rainbow Death Ray's Debut EP!

This release was crowdfunded by our fans, who brought us to 201% of our original goal. Thank you to everyone, whether you gave money or helped share our campaign. We all made this together!


released November 14, 2015

Mariko Gray : Vocals, Violin, Programming
Annaïs Paris : Keytar, Synth
Anthea Kay : Guitar
Kit Wing Midnighter : Bass

All songs written by Rainbow Death Ray

Produced by Mariko Gray
Recorded at Mariko’s house, Anthea’s house, and The Brain Recording Studios, Sydney, Australia, by Mariko Gray
Mixed and Mastered at The Brain Recording Studios, Sydney, Australia, by Clayton Segelov
Cover art and design by Mariko Gray
CD duplication by Troy Horse

©2015 Rainbow Death Ray

Rainbow Death Ray would like to thank:
Our friends, family and fans, who together fuel our fire; Clayton Segelov, Squee, and the boys at The Brain Recording Studios; Davis Claymore and Kitty at Troy Horse; Our EP crowdfunders – Nick “Charmander” Stevens, Rob Gray, Angie Londos, Liz Kay, Kris “Nervous Neuron” Vacy, Celia Gallo, Ben Wilson, Jesse Bargashoun, Luke Tolhurst, Laura Christian, Tim Green, Raymond Chalouhe, Jemma Taylor, Henry Thorpe, Romina Moschella, Rhea Baugher, Jasmin Wilcox, all our anonymous contributors, and our crowdfunding videographers Wing Hong Fu and Damien Beckman-Scott. Without all of you, this EP would not have been possible!




Rainbow Death Ray Sydney, Australia

All female, all fun, Rainbow Death Ray is a unique Sydney-based band fusing diverse genres from electronic pop to industrial metal and heavy rock. Having made their debut performance supporting Crash Tragic in late 2014, Rainbow Death Ray has moved from strength to strength, defying the stereotypes and challenging the male dominance of the underground music scene. ... more

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Track Name: What You've Become
I came upon you in the darkness of the night
A lonely shadow in your dying hour
And I remember how you gave away the fight
Your heart’s destiny

A little too much of the game, so tough
You try to sleep, but the floorboards creak
You’re living in fear, you know danger is near, oh you
Believe that they all forgive
The way you hide and your tiny cries
But deep inside you know there’s no escaping...

So now you’re curled in terror, everyone can see
You weaken everyday, a fading whisper
And when they come now you won’t land back on your feet
The dark closing in

A little less hope but a lot more pain
You bleed, you scream, but it’s all in vain
You’re nearing the end, nothing left to pretend, still you
Deny that it’s time to die
Grey birds sing your lullaby
But under it all, hate your soul, they’re revealing

What you’ve become another ageing liar
You’ve had your time now they’re taking over
And all your crimes haunt your soul forever
Death in your eyes, now embrace the silence

What you’ve become another ageing liar
You’ve had your time now they’re taking over
And all your crimes haunt your soul forever
It’s the end, now they take your body home.
Track Name: Lost
Darkness in my eyes
Though the tears are fading
Thought you were the one
But my heart is failing

Angels in the sky
All the shadows falling
Try to turn away
I still hear you calling

Nail me to the walls
I don’t need you anymore
You send me down to hell
And there’s no tomorrow

I can barely breathe
Expectations on my soul
You want me to believe
But it’s too late, I don’t know how

Silence in my prayer
I can’t feel my shoulder
You were never there
But my world is colder

Whispers in the air
Devil taking over
Dragon in my head
Like a jealous lover

Throw me to the floor
I don’t need you anymore
I try to ease the pain
But there’s no tomorrow

Lost along the way
And it’s tearing up my soul
Don’t mean to disobey
But it’s too late, I don’t know how

I’m searching
Your lies have changed me
Demons circle
I fear eternal sleep

I’m searching
I need the answers
Feel so empty
You left me on my own.
Track Name: Storm
Dark clouds laden with sin
Infect the sky, what chaos brings
A distant rumble filled with vice
The gods who gave us life now demand a sacrifice

The winds of time will give us no pause
We dwell forever with all our flaws
Those who rise will never be the same

Can you… break free?

As the rain pours, your body weakens…
Feathers heavy… Fearing…
A hurricane of nightmare bleeding
So doubt yourself, deceiving
Through chaos you descend

Deaf and blind from thundering roars
Bound inside your internal wars
Can you fight and reignite the flame

Will you… break free?

Will the storm destroy your soul
Can frozen wings defy the fall
Suffocate your perfect dreams
Death calls, you scream
Ice drowning reality
It’s time… break free!
Track Name: Dead Inside
Somewhere in the dark
I can hear it calling for me
Everywhere I go
In the back of my mind like a demon screaming
Forever carry on
Though I feel the weight on my soul
If I could see your face
In this lonely place
I could try to find
My way back to light

I turn around
And I look at the world I know
It's hard to say goodbye
But it's harder not to go
I take one more step
Through the pain of my despair
But as I near the edge
With my eyes all red
You hold me tight
And I learn how to fly

But then I find I'm dead inside
I've suffered far too long
Though I try to understand this life
It's all going so wrong.
Track Name: Carousel
Wandering child
In a strange land
Colourful desire
Holding your hand

Punished for curiosity
As yet unscathed
Dance in the twilight
The mystery braved

Push aside green curtains
Arrested by the sight
Vibrant illusions
Maddening the mind

“Who are you, young girl
Not one of us at all
Welcome, drink your fill
Ignore your mother’s call”

Round and round the carousel
A dream that never ends
Spinning inside hallucination
You’ll never be free again
Round and round the carousel
Your screams will make no sound
Bound for all eternity
Go round and round and round.

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